About Barae

As a questionable introduction, I am a critical, opinionated, grateful, sarcastic, sometimes-overly-serious, often-inappropriately-comical, thoroughly bewildered child of 21st century Alaska. I am an unadulterated lover of the wilderness I hail from, coffee, waking up to daunting mountains, lists (as you can see), the incredible people in my life, entrancing books, stimulating discussions, cuddling, breathing, moving my body (sometimes), gross things that shock people but really just build up my immune system, and laughter that makes me fall on the floor and choke on the water I was trying so hard to keep inside my mouth. I have found challenge, connection, and creativity through writing, and hope to use this site as a platform to share my creations. As a young woman whose life experiences have taken place in the isolated and magical vortex of Alaska and accumulating places beyond, I trust these meditations will not be taken as lectures. These are simply thoughts, connections from my own inner voices to the infinite marvel of the outside world, my genuine releases and contributions to meaningful issues, and stages and products of my development as a writer. I welcome your accompaniment.

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Please feel free to contact me at: hirschbarae@gmail.com

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